The whole world in the Smartphone

the whole world in the smartphone

Smartphone: A new approach in the whole world

The whole world in the smart phone there is only one social media in the world: it has tied us together. With the help of social media, we are interconnected. It’s holds us a pot in each other. There are many ways to use social media. Is a computer, laptop, tablets, phone etc. If we are talking about the phone then we will give the phone the importance.
So now a days we are becoming smart, then our things are not smart. Our phone is also becoming smart with us. That’s why we call a smart phone .

Let’s know about the smart phones

1. Access to the Internet
2. Translator option
3. Application for dictionary
4. Application for Newspaper & Magazine
5. Application for Camera
6. Application for Videos

Let’s start by 1 point

Access to the Internet

The utility of the internet is very much for us. Whenever we go we need internet the internet can achieve everything. The internet stays with us wherever we go whether it is home or office or out of station.
We can see all over the internet even so, we can do anything to purchase anything from my smart phone sitting at home. You can also link e-mails and favorite websites from any 24*7.

2 point

Translator option

A great way to learn English on go with smart phone to use a translator application such as the one google provides. we can translate web pages, and documents through the translate text in this application. In this we can also choose on language. Can convert them to English.

From now on the English version, you can do a new word study, phrase, grammar and punctuation and styles as applies to the English language. You can also translate the text from the voice translator.

3 point
Application for dictionary

Gain access to the world’s best dictionaries through a smart phone. We do not understand that we understand from the dictionary. The dictionary makes words easier to understand. You can download a dictionary app on your smart phone that will help to simplify the word.
It certainly is convenient and doesn’t require carrying around a volume from Webster’s or Funk & Wagnalls.

4 point
Application for newspaper & magazine

Application exist for newspaper like the Independent, The daily telegraph, and more. Anyone can read newspaper & magazine through the internet in the phone and can also download. “do Apps” in an effort to build their circulation.

5 point
Application for Camera

Cameras are now becoming of high quality, so new even the high quality and best mega-pixel cameras are coming to the smart phone. Best maga-pixel photo also comes with quality. 3d camera can also be used for best 3d photo quality. You can also use the camera’s flash by taking photos at night.
You can also use camera setting to create the best quality of photos. Good camera quality is being used in the new smart phone. This system is used to make smart phone even better.

6 point
Application for Video

Watch video and Learn English at same time on your smart phone. Best video quality is being used to improve the smart phone. The video seen on the Internet is also seen in the best quality. This kind of improving phone quality is being done to improve.
Companies are making every effort to make the picture quality the best. Listen to English speakers and concentrate on their inflection and pronunciation of words.

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